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One of the most rapidly growing social media channels, Instagram, is taking advantage of the idea behind this famous Walt Disney quote:

“Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”

Taylor Short, who reviews hotel management products for Software Advice, was interviewed by the Leonardo travel blog and gave some insight into how hotels can use Instagram to amplify their story online.  After all, storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human communication.

Why the popularity surge?  Why should hotels care?

Short discusses Instagram’s appeal in its strictly visual nature.  People love taking pictures, and smartphone cameras make the process quite simple to accomplish.  Recent improvements in technology have enhanced the quality of the cameras in these phones.  Because of this, a platform based on photo sharing is, by looking at Instagram’s 75 million daily users, a platform people want to use.

Hoteliers have the opportunity to reach millions of potential guests by frequently posting quality content and engaging users with strategic campaigns that call for participation.

How to maximize your Instagram impact

There are three keys to creating an Instagram post that will attract potential travelers:

1) Be Creative

2) Be Genuine

3) Post Frequently

Engaging other users and gaining followers will help grow a hotel’s presence on the platform.  Make your communication authentic and avoid communication that constantly feels like a hard sell.

Instagram vs. other social media channels

Short explains that each platform should be viewed as an individual opportunity to tell your hotel’s story.  Facebook is a great tool for gathering guest feedback, while Twitter may work well as a customer service platform.  Instagram allow you to show off a visual story and the aesthetic appeal of your property.

To read this interview in its entirety, click here.

To learn more about creating your own Instagram account, head to the Instagram Help Center.

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