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Coming in with a Bang

When we think back to 2015 and all of the growth and change the hospitality industry saw, it’s tough to forget about a major acquisition that took center stage towards the end of the year, Marriott acquiring Starwood. Need a little refresh on the deal? Check it out here. The deal seemed great, Marriott was […]

Direct Bookings: Where do they come from?

All property owners are looking to generate direct bookings.  This seems like a fairly basic concept but with so many distribution and booking channels it can be difficult to drive travelers direct to your website for a direct booking. As opposed to a booking from a third party advertiser or an OTA, a direct booking […]

3 Trends to Help Understand Millennial Travelers

Millennials are constantly changing the way marketers look at the business landscape, and the travel industry is no exception to this rule.  These current 20-34 year olds represent the next rising wave of consumers across the globe, but what does this mean for your business? Millennials bring their own unique set of expectations, behaviors and […]