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How do you as a property owner differentiate yourself from your competitors? Just last week I discussed how important online video is for the travel industry – but it is worth it to discuss even further! With video accounting for more than one third of consumer Internet traffic, adding video to your marketing mix right now is a great way to differentiate your property from your competitors.

According to eMarketer, adding video to a marketing plan is right behind maybe- second only to having a Social Media plan in importance. And many Social Media sites now incorporate video into their applications! This means you can communicate via Social Media sites not only through content but with videos too. The best part about Social Media sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, Viddlr, and Fliggo is they’re FREE and you don’t carry the bandwidth costs.

Nielsen has found that 90% of consumers trust recommendations by people they know, while 70% now trust consumer opinions online – basically, more and more people are basing their decisions to buy on reviews and testimonials. What does this have to do with video? My answer is this – get your best customers to say what they like about your property in front of a video camera. What better way to communicate exactly how your guests feel about your property than with a video review on your website – especially if consumers trust reviews the most. Think about it.

Here is a great example of a video testimonial for from Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. If you have video shot of your property, why not ask a few of your guests to say what they like about your property on camera?

Also, check out these great articles on video from and – they both have great insights into this emerging trend!

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