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All-Inclusive travel continues to shine with more than 250,000 trips planned on between Thanksgiving and January 31st., a leading leisure travel website is releasing its Top North America travel trends for Winter 2012-2013. 1.3 Million travelers used the popular website to plan winter escapes over this time period. has analyzed this data to determine the most popular All Inclusive Winter travel destinations in North America.

“The changes we have seen year over year in the All Inclusive market are somewhat shocking. Requests for all inclusive packages are down 30% in the U.S. and Canada, but have jumped 40% in Mexico. This gives us some indication that the All Inclusive market is underserved in the States.  As we dug deeper into that data we found there are currently only 7 properties in Florida with an “All Inclusive” tag attached to their offers, compare that to the 69,000 specific searches for this type of travel in the region, and what you are left with is an indication that travelers are choosing to explore Mexico and elsehwere where Resorts and Hotels offer these packages.” said Ryan Bailey, President of

Each year, helps millions of travelers plan their winter get-aways with a variety of both expert and user-generated content, including: Top 10’s, Travel Guides, Consumer Reviews, Photos, Trip Plans and Property and Destination Videos.

Beat the Cold: Top 5 Most Popular Winter All Inclusive Destination Searches on

1. Florida All Inclusive

– 69,071 Searches

2. Mexico All Inclusive

– 41,218 Searches

3. California All Inclusive

– 33,433 Searches

4. Texas

– 26,200 Searches

5. North Carolina All Inclusive

– 21,540 Searches

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