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What are travelers looking for when they jump on the internet and book with an online travel agency (OTA)? Low Prices? A clean layout and design? A superior website/online store experience? The J.D. Power 2014 Online Travel Agency Satisfaction Report gives us some insight about what OTAs can do to increase customer satisfaction.

Factors Examined in the OTA Satisfaction Report
The report measures overall customer satisfaction with the purchase experience when buying a vacation package, flight, hotel, or rental car using an online travel website.

Seven factors were examined in the report (listed in order of importance):

1) Competitiveness of Pricing
2) Usefulness of Information
3) Availability of Booking/Reservation Options
4) Website/Online Store
5) Ease of Booking/Reserving
6) Competitiveness of Sales and Promotions
7) Contact with Customer Service

Key Findings in the Report
-The overall customer satisfaction with OTAs is just over 78% (788 on a 1,000-point scale).

-The primary reasons customers book/reserve/purchase from an OTA website are price (66%), past experience with the brand (44%), brand reputation (22%), and positive reviews of the brand (website, article, blog, etc.) (19%).

-The highest percentage of customers visiting OTAs did so to book hotels (58%), followed by flight reservations (52%), vacation packages (33%), and rentals cars (31%).

-High levels of satisfaction translate into high repurchase rates. Customers who rate overall satisfaction as outstanding (10 on a 10-point scale) purchase from an OTA 4.4 times per year, compared with 3.1 times among those who rate their satisfaction as average.

Individual Company Ratings ranks highest among OTAs with a customer satisfaction score of 804. The company performed well in website/online store, usefulness of information, and competitiveness of sales and promotions. Expedia ranked second among individual OTAs (798) performing well in the contact with customer service factor.

To read the full press release from PRNewswire, click here.

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