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Mobile devices have taken the travel and hospitality industries by storm in recent years with companies focusing their efforts on creating mobile websites, applications and more to help attract a new generation of travelers:  millennials.

Mobile and same-day booking trends are transforming the user experience in hotel bookings, but the travel research and booking experience is still very much a multi-device phenomenon.  Desktops, phones, tablets and even walk-ins all still play an important role in the booking process.

A recent Skift travel article looked at the user behavior from partners of Sojern, including major brands like Starwood, Hyatt and Hilton.  Sojern’s data showed that in Q4 of 2013, 29% of U.S. hotel bookings were done on the same day – defined as within 24 hours – of their stay.

These numbers clearly demonstrate a shift in the timing of hotel bookings, as well as the way rooms are booked.  Brad King, Sojern’s vice president of sales and marketing, says his company’s numbers do not necessarily portray the U.S. hotel-booking sector as a whole.  They are, however, worth considering for the directional trends they depict.

Why is this Important?

Although same-day and last-minute bookings, especially on mobile devices, area a resounding trend, it is still a multi-device environment.  Consumer behavior varies widely with some individuals and groups preferring to book much further out.  The accommodation type also typically has an effect on consumer behavior with travelers looking to book at luxury and all-inclusive resorts typically planning their getaways over a longer period.

Hotel marketing that focuses overwhelmingly on last minute and mobile would likely bypass a majority of bookers.  This is why travel marketers and revenue managers need to craft their campaigns to take this diversity of booking patterns into account.

To read the full Skift article and to learn more about what major players in the OTA industry had to say about the Sojern report, click here.

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