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The value of belonging to something special has not diminished in today’s consumer world. What is often times thought of as a past mentality of consumers, is in fact the exact opposite. This holds especially true in the hospitality industry. According to independent research, more than 77% of travelers belong to at least one hotel loyalty or rewards program. This is excellent news…on the hospitality side of things.

With loyalty programs sprouting left and right, comes the flood of consumer information associated with belonging: demographics, personal interests, favorite restaraunts, properties and stores, customer satisfaction surveys and more. Essentially, marketing departments are left with a goldmine of information to specifically target customers with…why wouldn’t you use it?

If a loyalty program is in your plan for 2013, keep in mind some of the key elements that keep a customer coming back for more:

1. No Blackout Dates – Let the customer choose when they want to use their rewards. Less pressure means a happier customer.

2. Easy to Use – Travelers have enough on their plate as it is. Don’t add to the headache with difficult terms and navigation. Make it simple and to the point. Give them what they signed up for, nothing more and nothing less.

3. Offer Variety – Not all customers have the same interests. Use this to your advantage by covering a variety of options in your rewards program: airline miles, car rentals, free night-stays, golf outings…the sky is the limit. Mold your rewards to your demographic, sit back, and watch your customer loyalty take off.

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