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9 Commandments

The travel industry is notorious for hiring within the industry when it comes to filling top jobs, often promoting from within or from a rival company.

So when Accor, one of the world’s leading hotel operators, decided to hire Vivek Badrinath as its deputy CEO earlier this year, it raised a few eyebrows.  Many industry experts were intrigued to know what the senior executive from the world of mobile phone networks would make of a sector as fragmented and complicated as hotels.

Badrinath was speaking last week at the PhoCusWright Europe event in Dublin, Ireland, showing how some of his digital expertise could be applied to a diverse (in terms of brands) and, essentially, human-led corner of the industry.

Badrinath discussed some interesting ideas about how the classic hotel chain should be positioned to cater for the digitally savvy – and mobile-wielding – traveler.  He also gave event attendees his Nine Commandments of the Digital World for his new company.

Tnooz broke Accor’s nine commandments down, and gave some insight as to how they apply to hoteliers and property managers around the world.  Here is a small sampling:

1) It’s all about direct

More customers, buying more things, via Accor’s own websites – that’s about as straightforward a strategy as you can get.

2) Engagement through video

Multimedia is ideal for the world of hospitality – it showcases an experience far better than any other method pre-trip.

3) Mobile as future No. 1 channel for end-to-end customer journey

Not all customers want it, but ensure you have the ability for a relationship with the guest via their devices, from the moment they book to when they return from a trip.

4)Take advantage of the metasearch revolution to shift share from OTAs

Say no more.  As Badrinath says: “OTAs opened up the market.  The value is when they bring people you do not know.  But ultimately we want people to come direct.”

To read about the rest of Badrinath’s commandments, as well as the full Tnooz article, click here.

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