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In a day and age when smartphones are likely more prevalent in the average household than land lines, and nearly any question can be answered by an online search engine, hotel marketers face the challenge of having to adapt to a new world order whereby it’s less about readership and phone calls, and more about user-bases and click-throughs.

Take Booking.com as an example.  When was the last time you heard about this company on the radio, or saw one of their advertisements in the newspaper?  Despite this vacancy, the company represents 453,000 hotels worldwide, handling 625,000 room nights…daily.

In terms of ROI, advertising on radio, newspaper and television for independent hotels is illogical.  The return simply are not there especially when compared to online paid search such as pay per click (PPC) where the return is typically $10 or more for every dollar spent.

Because of this, more and more hotel brands are spending their available marketing budget online.  The danger here of course is that without proper guidance, this can be just as wasteful as spending valuable reserves offline and living in hope rather than expectation.

Why You Should be Advertising Online
Many readers of this blog are owners or managers of unique lodging properties across the country.  Does it make sense for you to advertise in your local newspaper, or even at the state level?  It may help draw local tourists, but the overwhelming cost may not equal the revenue generated by the ad.

ResortsandLodges.com provides a great advertising platform for resorts, lodges, vacation rentals, inns, holiday rentals, cottages, cabins, villas and chalets around the world.  There are more than 220,000,000 worldwide internet searches for these lodging types annually, and our goal is to have high placement in as many as possible.

Why Does This Matter to Me?
When I type [New York Lodges] into Google search, I see New York Resorts and Lodges – ResortsandLodges.com as the top search result.  Clicking on this link brings me to the New York state directory, and displays the top listings in the state.  Because we provide a direct link to your website, travelers are just two clicks (one after the reach ResortsandLodges.com) away from being on your website.

Our Campaign Performance Manager is doing the PPC work for you, ensuring that ResortsandLodges.com and a direct link to your property, maintain top placement in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results.

To read the Hotel Industry Magazine article about being an online brand, click here.

To learn more about ResortsandLodges.com, or to get listed on the site, click here.

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