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Either creating a memorable brand image or explaining a complex product or service, video is effective. But does online video really work for direct response, or for lead generation? Research says yes. If your online advertising doesn’t include video, here’s a glimpse of what your message is missing out on.

The number of videos viewed online is staggering. According to comScore, in November of 2009, 170.6 million U.S. residents watched almost 31 billion videos. That’s an average of 182 videos per person. Use of video on the Internet is growing fast. Five years ago, according to eMarketer, 62.8% of Internet users downloaded or streamed online video. Today, that number has risen to more than 85%.

Here’s the really important news: Research by Klipmart, a subsidiary of Doubleclick, shows that if online advertising contains video, users click on it five times as often as they do for standard image advertising. That’s huge! Another example: It took 13 years for television to gain 50 million viewers. It took YouTube two years to reach 137.5 million. That is phenomenal. Take advantage of video in your online advertising.

We’ve done the research. We know that consumers are looking for online video and over the past 3 years we’ve shot and produced over 1,000 property videos. We have hours of destination footage for our video library, constantly promoting properties and destinations all over the web. Since YouTube is one of the biggest search tools on the web, we even put your property video up on YouTube (TripAdvisor & Yahoo Video are a few of our other networks). Finally, we can even syndicate your property footage through an online commercial to thousands of websites via our streaming online video network.

To find out more about online video, including how to schedule your FREE one- to four-hour video shoot by our expert Videographers at, call 1.866.757.8229 or Click here.

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