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Here are some of the latest trends in online video from

From the comScore Video Metrix:

  • 178 million American Internet users watched online video in April 2010 (this is 83.5% of total US Internet audience).
  • 21.7 million Canadian Internet users watched over 4 billion online videos in April.
  • 35.7 million Americans watched 13.0 billion videos on YouTube – that’s 96 videos per viewer in the US.
  • If YouTube were a nation, it would be the 3rd most populous country in the world – behind China & India and ahead of the US and Indonesia – 450 million people worldwide view more than 60 billion videos each month on
  • YouTube is basically the 2nd most-used search engine to Google (

People connect with video – especially travelers. Travelers connect easier with a video rather than content or photos – it’s instant information. Consumers feel more comfortable with purchases after viewing video. In addition, people like doing business with REAL people and video gives your business a personality. It also gives travel shoppers an inspiration to visit specific destinations, so remember to think about what your guests want to see. Travel shoppers interested in your property want to see its features including rooms, façade, restaurants, attractions & local life that make your property great! The whole package can sell your property.

Check out this great video highlighting online video in the hospitality industry – from VTV on VFMLeonardo

Lastly, video is so easy to DISTRIBUTE everywhere. Post a video of your property on your property’s Facebook page and share the link to Twitter, LinkedIn, or any networking site. Feel free to post it on YouTube, Yahoo Video, Travelistic, and TripAdvisor. Though, again with your free video from your video will already be distributed to these networks – check out our YouTube channel.

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