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Online video is obviously a huge trend right now – see my post Online Video – why it’s key for the hospitality industry for some stats you can’t ignore. We at VEM Global™ have recognized this trend and we developed an exciting video commercial advertising opportunity. Using video footage of your property, we can cut, edit, and produce a high quality 15- or 30-second video commercial that advertises the current deal or promotion of your choice.

Then we can air your commercial throughout our extensive online video network, which includes premiere sites like YouTube (one of the top five most visited sites on the Web). We can run your commercial either pre-roll, mid-roll, and also geo-target to specific areas and audiences.

Below is an example of one of our latest commercials – Hope Lake Lodge & Indoor Waterpark in New York. To learn more about how VEM Global™ can produce and broadcast a video commercial for your property please call 1.866.757.8229 or visit the VEM Global™ video services page.

Hope Lake Lodge & Waterpark in Cortland, NY

Hope Lake Lodge & Indoor Waterpark – Cortland, NY

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