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The past six months have been full of growth and development at ResortsandLodges.com. The company entered the online bookings segment of the travel industry with the release of the RALBook availability search in January. Now, to ensure that millions of travelers around the globe are enjoying their travel research, planning, and booking experience on our site, we have officially released the newest version of ResortsandLodges.com.

“Our goals with the newest website release centered around providing better traveler interaction and a better way to display information,” said Nic Regis, UI/UX Designer at ResortsandLodges.com. “We wanted the design to provide a solid medium that helps meet goals for both our business partners and millions of travelers who use our website to plan and book unique experiences.”

“We also kept our iPad and other tablet using travelers in mind, which is reflected in our larger image size and some of the more interactive features in the new release,” added Regis.

Enhanced Search Options


Some of the most visible changes travelers may notice when they begin planning and researching their next trip on ResortsandLodges.com are the new enhanced search options.  In addition to using the classic ResortsandLodges map to search for their next vacation, travelers can also click into the individual resort type icons located below the map and search area as seen in the image above.

Check out what else is new on the enhanced ResortsandLodges.com Website.

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