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Client Center1

ResortsandLodges.com recently launched its enhanced marketing center, making it easy for clients to track campaign performance, manage online reservations taken through the RALBook availability search, and ensure that the information on client business listings is up to date.

The new marketing center features simplified navigation, and within the Activity, Business Listings, and Reports tabs, ResortsandLodges.com clients have the opportunity to personalize their unique business listing, track campaign performance, and so much more! Here is a small sampling of what the new marketing center allows properties to do:

Real-Time Chat & Support
Benefit – Allows properties to quickly connect with knowledgeable customer support specialists.

Robust Lead Management Tools
Benefit – Allows property managers to quickly identify and connect with their hottest qualified leads.

Streamlined Account Management
Benefit – Update high-resolution images, video, deals, packages, and listing information all from one screen.

Online Bookings
Benefit – Properties can sync all of their available rooms through the RALBook availability search, as well as manage and approve reservations through their newly enhanced marketing center.

Travel Widgets


Also new to the ResortsandLodges.com Marketing Center are website widgets available to display on a property’s homepage. If a property has been featured in any of our Top Lists, that property can attach a “Top Property” widget to their homepage. This is an easy way to show third-party validation as a top property, and links travelers back to the Top List in which a client is featured.

Similarly, the ResortsandLodges.com Traveler Rating Widget signifies that a client’s business listing has an average traveler rating of four stars or more (on a scale of five).

If you have a ResortsandLodges.com premium business listing, and would like to check out your enhanced Marketing Center, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about getting listed on ResortsandLodges.com, click here.

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