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As web based marketing becomes more and more critical to the business playing field, SEO fires up its massive engine right along side. We have all heard that the authoritative link is pure gold in the SEO game, and frankly, it is the truth. As web guru Ed Dale explained a number of years ago, “Become an authority, because that is the only way to dominate your niche.”

So how do you go about getting an authoritative link to your website? There are a number of ways, however, one of the most powerful can be to get your content into the hands of experts. Think about it…by putting your content into the hands of experts (or already established authorities), you are setting yourself up to be seen by massive numbers of people. Once these experts have a hold of your content, they link to it, share it, post it, blog it, tag it, the list goes on and on. Already established authorities have the power to pass their authority onto you.

There are other ways to get links to your website. Here are 3 of the most popular:

1. Create a Blog: If you create unique content and embed sharing widgets (facebook, twitter, google+, etc.) people will be able to share these links across social media.  This is an excellent way to get people with authority linking back to you.  This is important as search becomes more social.

2. List With Other Authoritative Websites: Such as: Vertical Search Engines, Directories, Answer Sites (think Yahoo Answers), Travel Review Sites, etc.

3. Be an Authority Yourself: Once your content is in the hands of your readers, they will share it, post it, link to it etc. Now you are an authority to that content. That is the goal. Become the authority to your niche.

To learn more about the impact of authoritative links, click here.

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