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The prominent rise of social media has had an impact on the way consumers learn about, research, and even buy a good or service. That holds true in the hospitality industry as well. The evolution of bookings, from a primarily search engine based system, to the newly adopted uses of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, have left hotel marketers with plenty to keep them occupied to keep pace with the changing times.

Why Social Media Works

While users may not be entering their online profiles with travel on their mind, it is the advertising power of Facebook and others like it that has the greatest impact. Facebook, for example, allows advertisers to target in 3 primary ways:

1. News Feed Advertising – Usually located in the center of the News Feed page, these advertisements are not only easy to use and simple, they also appear on one of the most widely viewed web-pages in the world. With over 680 Million views per month, the News Feed page also holds the crown of being the only page that is mobile-friendly to advertisements. According to the 2012 Q4 Reports released by Facebook, users are spending 11 hours and 28 minutes (per user) on the mobile app each month.

2. Right Side Advertising – Simple and easy to use, the Right Hand Side advertisement was the first kind of ad to grace the pages of Facebook. While still popular and greatly useful, Right Side advertisements are more limited and restricted in terms of creative potential.

3. Log Out Advertising – More powerful than one might think, the Log Out advertisement on the Facebook desktop site sees 40% of U.S. traffic on a daily basis. In other words, 40% of active Facebook users are logging out of their profile everyday.

Don’t sleep on social media. With its popularity and possibilities growing everyday, the potential for growth and expansion is limitless.

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