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Fact: Your company’s financial performance correlates directly with its level of engagement in Social Media – See Study Prepared by wetpaint & Altimeter.

Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and YouTube are relatively new concepts, especially in the world of hospitality. In an industry so focused on customer relations, these tools provide an incredible launching pad for interacting with your clients. So the question we raise to you is this: Are you leveraging Social Media in your Marketing Strategy?

While introducing yourself to this social stratum can at first be daunting, keep this in mind: creating branded pages for these platforms is one thing – actively engaging with your consumers in these platforms is entirely different.

Here at ResortsandLodges, we’re always learning enhanced and more efficient strategies every day. We search through blogs, scour tips, try out new tools and attempt to imitate our peers whose strategies have gained success for their companies. The most important point stressed in all of the above research is this: You need to make conversation with your Social Media peers instead of trying to sell them things!

Your interaction isn’t about finding new people interested in travel. It’s about finding people who ALREADY like to travel, and engaging them! Respond to their questions, give them interesting tips and advice to think about, make a 140-character impact on their day. Internet users are more likely to trust an opinion from their peer than an industry study, a statistic or an ad. Trust us – your customers are using Social Media. Give them a platform to express their opinion about their experience at your property!

Click here for some great Social Media questions and answers by one of our favorite blogs,

This video gets us juiced about Social Media!

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