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A recent survey by the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (USTia) found that a majority of Americans plan to travel in 2014, taking more than two trips.  The survey found that 61% of the participants said they will travel in the coming calendar year with an average of 2.4 vacation trips planned.  Of that group, 30% said they will take three or more trips.  Here are a few other numbers and notes you might find interesting regarding the survey:

  • The survey found that respondents’ likelihood of traveling rose along with income levels.  Almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents earning $50,000 or more will take at least one vacation trip, while only 46% who earn less than $50,000 said they plan to travel.
  • Respondents’ travel likelihood also rose along with education levels.  Of the respondents with college degrees, 70% said they will travel in 2014, compared to 56% for those without degrees.
  • 70% of married respondents said that they plan to take a trip in the next year, while only 52% of unmarried individuals responded the same way.
  • Domestic itineraries will likely dominate the travel landscape in 2014 as 85% of respondents said they will vacation within the U.S. and Canada.

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