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The hospitality and travel industries have always been ahead of the game when incorporating new technology into their day-to-day operations, and now some of these brands appear to be ready to hop on board with Google Glass.

OpenTable, TripIt, and foursquare have all rolled out efforts for Google Glass, highlighting the role that utility plays for marketing developing wearable initiatives. All three companies have been added to MyGlass, which is a portal that houses all of the apps found on the Glass devices.

“Glass presents an exciting opportunity to think about how traveling should work,” said Amy Jackson, director of public relations at TripIt, San Francisco.

Jackson also discussed some predicaments during the travel experience – having to carry multiple bags, pulling out a boarding pass, and moving through line after line – where having something to guide travelers through their trip, without requiring them to reach into a pocket or bag would be incredibly helpful.

What Will These Apps do to Help Travelers?
Synching up a TripIt account to the device pushes travel information to Google Glasses so that consumers can view their travel information quickly. The app refreshes Google Now content as well so that a traveler’s information is all in one place. It is also able to pull in car rental, hotel and travel reservations once a consumer has landed.

The foursquare app leverages location to let consumers view a list of nearby places at which then can check in.

OpenTable is tapping Google Glass to trigger last-minute restaurant reservations. Via the app, consumers can view a list of nearby restaurants at which they can make a reservation. Making restaurant reservations and reading reviews continue to be some of the most popular features that consumers are accessing on smartphones, making the switch to Google Glass a logical choice for OpenTable.

To read the full article on Mobile Commerce Daily, click here.

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