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Metasearch is one of the hottest trends in the travel industry today.  It’s so hot that Skift, a leading travel industry news leader, released a report detailing what is coming next for the travel industry in terms of metasearch.

Why is Metasearch so Hot Right Now?
According to a DataFox, travelers made on average 21 visits to different travel websites before finally booking a trip, with many reporting that it was extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Travelers are looking for a single website where they can take care of all of their travel needs.

Sites like Kayak, Travelocity, and Trivago offer travelers the opportunity to book airfare, hotel rooms, and even rental cars in an easy to use marketplace.  The popularity of these sites has also made turned them into key pawns in an aggressive game of chess being played by major OTAs.

Recent OTA Acquistions

In 2013, Priceline.com, Expedia, and Orbitz Worldwide were the top performers worldwide among OTAs with revenues of approximately $4.5 billion, $2.7 billion, and $800 million respectively.  In order to maintain their market share, each of these companies acquired a metasearch engine.  Priceline acquired Kayak, Orbitz acquired the Travelocity Partner Network, and Expedia acquired Trivago and Room77, a metasearch startup from California.

Where Does ResortsandLodges.com fit in?

ResortsandLodges.com has always prided itself on its ability to drive website visits, calls, and inquiries from qualified travelers to properties across the globe.  Now, we are taking the next step and establishing ourselves as an OTA for unique accommodations.  In addition to being able to visit a property’s website, call the property direct, and inquire about a reservation, travelers will now be able to book their reservation directly on ResortsandLodges.com through the RALBook Availability Search.

RALBook not only benefits our partner properties, but also benefits travelers as well.  For partners, we are offering the opportunity to take bookings and an industry-low commission rate of 5%.  On most of the major OTAs mentioned above, you are typically paying 15-25% for online bookings taken.  That is too much revenue to give away in our opinion.

RALBook provides travelers a streamlined marketplace where they can find unique accommodations they may not be able to book anywhere other than a property’s website.  Some properties are reluctant to give all of their availability to OTAs because of the 15-25% commission rate.  They would prefer to take the booking directly on their website and save the revenue.

Travelers can still submit RFPs, inquiries, or call a property direct from ResortsandLodges.com, but if they would prefer to book a room, cabin, condo, chalet, holiday rental, or villa directly on our site, they can do so.

Key Points

  • Metasearch offer travelers the ability to plan, research, and book a getaway all from the convenience of a single website.  Travelers do not enjoy being bounced from site to site in order to actually book a room.
  • Many of the leading OTAs, including Expedia, Orbitz, and Priceline, have acquired their own metaseach engines in order to help increase click conversions and bookings.
  • ResortsandLodges.com offers travelers an easy-to-use marketplace where they can book the most unique accommodations anywhere, and from any device.

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