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People love video, right? Who doesn’t like to sit down at the computer and watch something interesting, informative, entertaining, or inspiring? The truth is, video is spreading like wild fire in the marketing world. Millions of online viewers consume billions of videos every month, and across multiple platforms – desktop, mobile, etc.

The latest market research released by the comScore Video Metrix Service shows that 182.5 million Americans consumed 39.3 billion online content videos in March 2013, alone. Perhaps even more shocking than that number is the number of online video ad views, which topped at 13.2 billion in the same month.

So what does this mean for your marketing strategy? Aside from the obvious, lets take a look at the major benefits of video marketing in the hospitality industry –

1. Complete Visual – Video allows for a descriptive and visual experience that words often times cannot provide.

2. People Watch Video – The numbers above are proof enough that video is massively popular among consumers. Data suggests that video will continue to gain in popularity as time goes on.

3. Video Leads to Purchases – According to data collected by comScore in a separate study, website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video.

Keep in mind, video is an evolving medium for delivering information to your consumer. The same principles apply to video that do to content – short and sweet. Video, like printed content, is consumed over multiple different platforms. Get your message across clearly, stick to the point, and be flexible to change.