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Hotel marketer’s are not foreign to the impact of timely, relevant emails. In fact, email marketing is a staple in many marketing programs as it delivers fresh content to a proven customer base. What can often times be overlooked in a marketing email campaign is the trends that shape an industry; the impactful forces of change that, if ignored, can be detrimental to the overall efforts of a campaign.

Perhaps the biggest news in the email marketing world currently is the use of mobile to open, view, and click through on emails. What was once a slowly rising trend is now right on top of marketers across all industries. Recent data collected by leading email design company, Litmus, revealed that 47% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. This number holds a 3% increase from July, and a 24% increase year over year. If the data is any indication of what is to come, mobile is not only the future of email marketing, it is the present.

So what does this mean for your business? As a hotel marketing extraordinaire, it is time for you to adapt (if you haven’t already). The spike in mobile opens is a wake up call that your content, visuals, etc. all need to be responsive. Responsive design is one that allows content to be viewed across multiple devices, without the look of visuals, text, etc. changing. The content on the screen “snaps” to the size of the screen. Ensuring that your emails appear sharp, clear, and without hassle across mobile devices is critical to your email campaign success.

ResortsandLodges.com Best Practices

As hotel marketers, best practices for producing responsive emails can include a number of things. The content in your emails can be extensive and far reaching. Ideally, everything in your email will appear exactly the same on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer. While technical and development support will be necessary to implement a responsive design to your emails, here are a few tips for the time being:

1. Test Across Multiple Devices – When your responsive design is built, it is best to test all of your emails (before sending) across multiple devices: Desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. This quality assurance is a peace of mind tactic when it comes time to send.

2. Keep it Clean – The best emails are those that are un-cluttered. This is not to say that your email should contain the bare minimum, but rather the most important things you want your subscriber to take away from the email. Remember, that 47% of individuals who open emails on a mobile device are more likely than not on the go. They might not have the time to sift and scroll through lengthy, cluttered emails.

3. Include Visuals – Everyone likes visuals. Especially in the hospitality industry, visuals are a huge part of selling your hotels experience. ResortsandLodges.com emails generally contain no fewer than 2 images. Be creative and work with your team to decide what looks and feels the best as a representation of your property.


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