SEO Gold

As web based marketing becomes more and more critical to the business playing field, SEO fires up its massive engine right along side. We have all heard that the authoritative link is pure gold in the SEO game, and frankly, it is the truth. As web guru Ed Dale explained a number of years ago, […]

Now Showing on Screen 1

It is no secret that the days of multi-screen use are upon us. The big challenge facing marketers is how to address the reality that consumers are viewing products on multiple screens (smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc.) multiple times per day. How do you send the same message across an iPad screen that someone is […]

The Death of Cookies

A major shift in consumer data is happening right now. Cookies, are an essential way online tracking is able to gather information about people browsing, shopping and purchasing products. Without cookies, the ability to effectively track transactions becomes difficult, especially those that take longer than 1 day and more than 1 visit as is the case with leisure travel.

Social Media and Bookings

The prominent rise of social media has had an impact on the way consumers learn about, research, and even buy a good or service. That holds true in the hospitality industry as well. The evolution of bookings, from a primarily search engine based system, to the newly adopted uses of social media platforms such as […]

Email Bookings Climb, a leader in leisure destination travel, released its final major product update of 2012 on December 31, with the goal of enhancing user experience via content discovery and property profile updates. is now releasing the initial findings nearly two months after the update. “We have been very pleased with the initial data from […]