Marketers should always be looking for an opportunity to engage customers, with the ultimate goal of letting consumers do your advertising for you.  The recent social media boom gives travelers a channel to do this, but the social-media-saturated world we are living in makes choosing a medium a top priority.

After you choose a medium, you still need to find a way to engage with a large number of people, and encourage them to share with their own friends (who will potentially turn into your future customers).  A great way to bring a large group into the fray is planning, and seamlessly executing, a sweepstakes promotion, drawing or other contest.

These three tips will help you create a program that lets your fans do the talking for you, while generating new followers and potentially new customers as well.

1. Know your fans’ social habits and integrate them into your engagement plan.

Let’s assume you are running a resort with a golf course or spa you wish to showcase, and are looking to give away a package deal.    Although these two amenities are not exclusive to males and females, golf typically seems to be lumped in with men’s activities, while spa treatments are commonly linked with women.

Knowing this, does it make sense to market your golf sweepstakes on Pinterest, a social media channel with women making up nearly 80% of total users?  Use this helpful link to learn more about user-demographics of key social media channels from information compiled by Pew Research.

If consumers feel interrupted in their day-to-day lives or they think that their privacy is being invaded, they will tune you out without thinking twice.  It is important that every aspect of your contest flawlessly fits into their conversations.  Once you unearth the channel that best fits your audience, you can work on intersecting with their lives.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of incentives.

Studies show that when people are provided incentive, 20% more will share your message vs. those without incentive.  When you relationship is mutually beneficial, your audience is more likely to come back more often.

The problem with incentives can be how expensive they are.  If you do not have money in the budget for daily giveaways, try something else.  Reward fans who share the promotion on their social media sites with additional entries into your contest.  Fans will have to opportunity to increase their odds of winning while you reach more people through different social media channels.

3. Partner Up!

Find the Robin to your Batman, and become the next dynamic duo!  Associating with an outside play will do two things to help your promotion:

-Increase the potential reach for your contest

-Improve the quality of the prize you are giving away (e.g. Why offer just a night’s stay when you can offer a round of golf, or a romantic meal as well?)

To Sum Things Up

-Sweepstakes are a fun and exciting way to engage current customers while also capturing new ones.

-Incentives, even free ones like additional entries into a contest, are a great way to expand sharing across social media platforms.

-Partnering up allows you to expand your fan base, while improving the product or service you are giving away.

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