Trends come and go in the travel industry, but it’s important to realize which will help you drive greater ROI for your business, and which will empty your pockets.  As you can see from the image below, the Digital Marketing landscape in the hospitality industry has become very complex over the past decade, with new initiatives designed to drive more direct bookings to your business.

complexity of digital marketing


We believe the following five strategies are more than just trends, and should be incorporated in your your marketing efforts sooner than later.  Here are ResortsandLodges’ 5 Non-Negotiables for hospitality companies:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a blend of on-site and off-site measures you can take to improve your placement within search engine resorts pages (SERPs), and ultimately drive additional travelers directly to you website.  Our team of experts reviews your current SEO strategy and make suggestions on ways to improve your website performance, from optimizing keywords and meta descriptions to ensuring you’re in line with industry Best Practices.
  2. PPC – Pay-per-click marketing is another way for businesses to attract travelers in the Awareness Stage of the sales funnel.  Our Google Certified PPC Managers specialize in the hospitality and lodging verticals, helping to drive more visits (and more direct bookings) with less cost to your business.
  3. Conversion Optimization – Conversion Optimization is a collection of efforts taken to convert more visitors of your site into customers.  It’s important to grab as much information from a traveler during their time on your site so that you can re-market for a return visit to your site.  Our team helps to build your database (acquiring emails), recover lost sales and engage travelers through email marketing.
  4. Email Marketing – According to a 2015 study in Business Insider, just over one-third (33.1%) of Americans check their email regularly throughout the day. Another 16% check their email 4-6 times per day on average.  The proliferation of mobile devices allows people to be connected to social media, messaging, and email at all times, making marketing through these channels a non-negotiable.  Our team can help you manage part or all of your email efforts, whether you are looking to send a targeted newsletter or setup a drip campaign for website visitors.
  5. Referral/Listing Sites – SEO and PPC are great strategies for reaching travelers at the top of the sales funnel, but what about travelers who are a little further down the pipeline?  They may be looking for specific aspects of your property, and how you compare to other competitors in your area.  Our lodging directory on offers businesses one of the most comprehensive listing options in the hospitality industry and should be considered your online “profile of record”.

That may seem like a lot for one person to handle, so why do it all on your own?  ResortsandLodges can assist you in setting up and monitoring these initiatives with our experienced team of Digital Marketing Consultants.  Find out more about our Digital Marketing solutions today.