If you’ve worked with ResortsandLodgs.com over the past few years, it’s safe to bet you’ve been asked to “flip” your 800 number. This is a game-changing detail of your campaign as this will showcase your true experience with ResortsandLodges.com. For those of you who have or haven’t yet heard about the call tracking technology we use, VEM Global is a co-seller of Phonalytics call tracking technology. Watch this video to see how Phonalytics works.

How to “flip” your number:

Our Account Management team will set your up campaign with a unique toll-free phone number, which records all phone calls that are generated through your advertising with RAL. They will also send you a piece of coding to add to the HTML of your property’s web page. This coding allows your toll-free number to mask the phone numbers on your property’s web page (when a user goes from your advertising to your website), ensuring that all phone calls generated from your campaign are being tracked and recorded. Further, this coding places a cookie on your web page. If users leave your site and return at a later time, your phone numbers will still be masked. We refer to this dynamic call tracking as “flipping.”

Why do you want your number to “flip?”

You’re probably wondering, “What difference can this really make for the success of my campaign?” It means a lot to track the success of your campaign! The reality is that without implementing this technology, you won’t have an accurate gauge of the success of your advertising spending with RAL. You may even lose tracking capability on hundreds of phone calls. One of our client’s phone calls increased an average of 91% after flipping their numbers – and that was in their off-season!

What other benefits will I get by “flipping” your number?

We’ve also provided the capability for you to listen to each phone call in the Marketing Center. You can view the time and duration of the call and the location of the caller in one convenient interface. Listening to these calls allows you:

  • To gauge actual revenue generated by your RAL advertising
  • To monitor your reservation staff and their communication with potential guests
  • To determine trends on which days, weeks or months have a higher call rate and much more. Without this technology, a significant percentage of useful data is lost.

In the world of online advertising where analytics rules all – the proof is in the pudding. Are you flipping your phone number?

Here is Laurie McEvoy from Woodloch Resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania explaining why she likes the call tracking from ResortsandLodges.com.

If you’d like to receive your dynamic tracking code, click here or call your Account Manager to discuss implementation of the code further – toll free 866 757 8229.

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