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When it comes to your website, the stronger SEO measure you have in place the better. Search engines are not just crawling through the content on your pages. They are looking at the amount of external links that point to your webpage. Link building is a great way to not only strengthen your webpage, but to connect with other businesses in your community and industry as well. The process adds value to your business and is easy for others to share across the web. So what exactly is link building? It’s the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Let’s see how link building would work for your business.

Linking Up

When a potential customer is planning their next vacation, it’s important that your website stands out to them. The first place this starts is on search engine results pages (SERPs). High quality links will help you move up in search rankings, making you more visible to travelers. Once a traveler has landed on your website, you’ll want to show them not only what your property has to offer, but area attractions as well. Anything surrounding your property that visitors can enjoy is a perfect opportunity to link (attractions, activities, dining options).   

When a traveler is browsing your website, it is great for them to be able see the visitors bureau, as well as area attractions and restaurants, without having to do another search engine query. However, you don’t want to be adding all of these links to your page without getting something in return. If you’re linking to an external webpage they should be linking to your site as well. Linkbacks are the perfect way to create relationships with other businesses in your town, helping everyone attract additional guests and increase traffic.

Right vs Wrong Links

When you create your link building strategy, keep in mind that not all links are “good” links. Links you want are generally referred to as “neutral” links and “outreach” links. Neutral links are simple and easy; an external business will link to your site without you having to do a thing. As the name suggests, outreach link building requires you to reach out to other businesses in order to have them link to your website. When it comes to outreach link building, it is important that you’re giving the other business a reason to link to you.

Now that you know what links are good for your property, it’s time to look at the links that aren’t beneficial or harmful to your SEO. First and foremost, you should never buy links. Google has a way of crawling through websites and finding if you’re linking to phishing sites or paying for links. Another way links can hurt you are if you are linking to websites that are not relevant to your industry. If you don’t think a link will be good for your business, don’t do it!
With quality content, and high quality links, your property is bound to improve in SERP rankings as well as attract more travelers to your website. With more travelers visiting your website (as well as those that you’re linked with), you should see an increase in traffic as well as bookings. Start putting your link building plan in place and you’ll increase the strength of your website, as well as relationships with other businesses in your community and industry, and generate more revenue.