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When it comes to guests choosing to stay at your property, it’s important to know what’s driving them to come and capitalize on it. Gone are the days of being able to have the standard room where a guest is going to sleep. Today, guests are looking for experiences to soak up the city they’re in, without feeling like a tourist. It’s your job to give this to them.

The Evolution

As Millennials have joined the workforce and begun traveling for business and pleasure, the hospitality industry has seen a shift from guests looking for a “traditional” stay to a more personalized, “feels like home” experience. This isn’t the first time the industry has been focused on creating unique experiences.  However, Millennials have been a catalyst for industry leaders to see how crucial it is to subtly brand their experiences while continuously building a relationship with travelers through loyalty programs and a great web presence. By adopting this way of thinking, brands have a better chance to become the first choice for travelers when they looking for a place to stay.

Not Just Tourists

Hearing the word tourist turns many travelers off, and although we are talking about experiences, it should be clear that travelers aren’t looking to get sucked into being a tourist. In fact, when surveyed respondents said they felt overwhelmed with crowds while traveling and found a crowded vacation/getaway to be as stressful as doing their taxes. More surprisingly, only 26% of travelers felt their last vacation exceeded their expectations. Knowing that travelers put a lot of time and money into research, planning and going on vacation, your business should do everything it can to provide the best experience possible for every guest.

These experiences don’t have to be over-the-top and expensive, but can range from connecting with a local bar or restaurant to set up a special for guests (local beer tasting, anyone?) to experiencing one of the best kept secrets in your town. There are some great examples of brands utilizing “experiences” and if you’re searching for some inspiration on a large scale, take a look at Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences to see what guests are in for while staying at one of these properties.

Give Them What They’re Asking For

In the words of Airbnb’s latest campaign, guests are looking to “live there” and it’s your job to provide the experiences so many are yearning for from the first time a traveler lands on your website. Take a look at Selling Experiences to see how to start this journey off right. Once the traveler has booked, it’s important to provide those experiences that will make your business their “go-to destination” when they’re in your area.

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