Why choose ResortsandLodges to handle your digital marketing needs?

A Digital Marketing Director is expensive.

The average salary of an experienced Google Certified Digital Marketing Director is over $92,000. Not only is it difficult to find this kind of talent, but it is also expensive to have them on staff full time. 

 The complexity of digital marketing has increased exponentially.

In 2006, a digital marketing strategy was pretty simple. Search took place on one device and there weren't many places your brand had to be. Today, it's a much more competitive market where you're goal is to drive direct bookings through multiple devices, social media sites, OTAs and much more.

We deliver a full digital strategy, expertly executed with a proven ROI.

With 100+ years of industry experience, we have the knowledge that other agencies lack. With this knowledge, we're able to bring an affordable suite of digital marketing services to the independent property. 

We provide transparent reporting.

With a full suite of services, we already have all the different knowledge and software needed to market your property online. Plus, every service we implement comes with ongoing analysis, monitoring, monthly reporting, and consultation.

We make sure you exist in the Omni Channel.

With 94% of leisure travelers switching between devices when planning and booking vacations, and 78% of them starting at a search engine, the Omni Channel is critical for your success.

We reach guests at each stage of the buyer's journey.

Understanding how to position your business to customers at each stage of the buyer's journey is a must. We make sure your property is reaching the right target audience, on the right platform, at the right time.