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In our modern “always-on” world, it’s no surprise that the travel community has shifted to digital marketing. While there are many ways you can market your business, we have found three trends that provide value not only to your guests, but to your own brand as well. These trends are pretty simple to handle, and the return from utilizing them can be great.

Customer Ratings

A high-star rating and a few words from a stranger can work wonders for travelers planning trips. In fact, over 95% of travelers read seven reviews before booking a trip in certain locations. It’s important that you know exactly where reviews of your property are on the internet, and that you have someone moderating and responding to these reviews. As great as seeing a sparkling reviews can be, we all know that not everyone is going to have a great experience. It’s critical that someone within your business is responding to negative reviews in a delicate manner, highlighting any positives the review may have had. It may come as a shock, but sometimes these simple reviews can do more for your business than a fancy advertising campaign.

Social Media

Just as you monitor reviews, it’s important to monitor the social world, and post about any great things happening at or around your business. Over half of travelers have made a travel decision based on something they have seen on social media, and there is plenty of travel information floating across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye on. Over three-quarters (approx. ###) of the 2.2B users on all social media channels post user-generated content while on vacation, making it extremely easy for a consumer to check in on other travel experiences in your location.

As a business you also have the ability to use social media outlets as marketing channels. The best part about these channels is that they have the potential to be extremely targeted and localized. Are you a spa in the tropics looking to target women in the chilly Midwest in the middle of winter? Social media lets you target this demographic.

Personal Experiences

The travel industry has shifted, and people are now looking for a one of a kind experience. This doesn’t have to begin when a traveler gets to your property; it can begin long before that. Whether it starts with a personalized email about a promotion you’re running, or letting a traveler know you’re looking forward to making their stay great, you can personalize experiences from the start of their Buyer’s Journey. The personalization doesn’t have to end when the trip is over either. Following up with guests shows that you really care about them, and this can help get that great response we mentioned earlier.

The digital world is yours to conquer, and we’re here to help your business. We believe that these are three simple tasks that your business can take on to provide a better experience for your guests. It’s time to transition your marketing efforts to the digital world, and these are some easy ways to start.

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