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If you’re like most businesses in the hospitality industry, you dedicate most of your marketing efforts to attracting guests to your property and making sure their stay is great. That sounds like a pretty basic concept, but what happens when a guest leaves? It’s important to follow-up with guests in a personal manner for numerous reasons.

The Why

A follow-up with a guest can provide you with insight on their stay, ways they believe you can improve, and a rating that can be seen across the web. While most properties prefer to do this via email, there are other outlets you can try as well. Some businesses utilize snail mail to give the true sense of personalization, while others utilize social media to interact with their guests post-stay. Don’t forget about the tried-and-true method of picking up the phone to give your guest a call. Whatever you choose, be sure that you’re effectively delivering the message you want your travelers to hear.

The How

-While writing a follow-up to a traveler, the most important thing is to be personal. When you’re sending something generic, your travelers pick up on it and likely will not continue reading or listening.

-Assuming the traveler had a good experience, follow-ups are a great time to mention current deals and packages, or something you’d like to highlight at the hotel. If travelers want to come back, they’re likely to take advantage of these and come back to your property. This is a great way to keep direct bookings flowing, especially if your property has high visibility on OTA’s (a distribution channel where doling out high commission rates is the norm).

While you’re showcasing these deals and packages to keep the bookings direct, don’t be afraid to mention your rewards program or a referral deal.  This will help to drive more direct traffic to your property website, allowing you to convert more visitors to members, and generating more revenue through direct bookings.

-If you’re following-up through an online channel, make sure that the information you’re providing is easy to share. With the sheer volume of travelers on social media, your sharing capabilities should be:

1) Easy to Use


2) Easily Accessible. Between your messages and user-generated content, you’ll be sure to reach a new audience online.

-Finally, when following-up with travelers, make sure they have the option to leave a review.  Whether they are leaving the feedback directly on your website, or reviewing your property on TripAdvisor, Google, or Yelp, make sure to respond in a timely manner acknowledging praise or any shortcomings that took place during their stay.

This review not only gives you feedback on how your guest found their stay, but it is powerful user-generated content that potential guests will use to help them make their decision of whether or not to book their stay with you.

More Than Just a Thank You

As busy and hectic as days in the hospitality industry can get, it’s important to remember that the follow-up is more than just a way to say thank you. Not only does it provide valuable feedback to you and your team, but it also spreads the word about your business to potential travelers.

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