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Think of a standard television commercial.  They interrupt your regularly scheduled program anywhere from three to six times to advertise/sell/inform you of a new product, or something you simply cannot live without.  Did you want that interruption?  Probably not, but television commercials have become so much a part of the fabric of our society that most people probably don’t even think about them anymore.

Online marketing is changing the idea that advertising has to be an intrusive object.  Advertisers no longer need to interrupt consumers; they now do a better job of complementing their online experience.

The Online Marketing Effect on Travel

The growth of online marketing, personalized marketing, and mobile app use has changed the way travel companies do business.  While TV ads and billboards are still relevant, online marketing rules the travel space these days.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Frank Vertolli, one of the co-founders of Net Conversion, a digital marketing and analytics company.

“The days of interruptive advertising…that’s not how it’s done anymore,” Vertolli said.  “Now, I think relevance is the new criteria.  You don’t want to interrupt consumers; you want to complement them with ads that are specific to them.  To stand out from the noise, your only option used to be to scream louder.  Maybe you could have a funnier commercial or a more insane offer.  Now it’s relevance.  Be as relevant as possible to an individual user and they will reward you with attention to your ad. “

Vertolli also added, “With the travel industry, as with every other industry, targeting is key”.

To learn more about targeting your online advertising, re-targeting to your consumers, and the importance of video marketing in the travel industry, read the full article at Travel Pulse.

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