According to the recent findings of a Blueshift Research report, HomeAway’s new (and optional) pay-per-booking (PPB) model has caused some dissatisfaction for vacation rental managers with 250 or fewer properties.  The report, “AWAY Growing with Large Property Managers; Airbnb Coming On,” also indicates that Airbnb is gaining with these smaller Vacation Rental Management Companies (VRMC’s).

HomeAway traditionally has let vacation rental owners and managers list their properties for annual subscription fees and these was no extra charge for bookings taken through the site.  While HomeAway retains that option, earlier this year it introduced a PPB model that enables managers to list their properties free of charge, but they pay HomeAway a 10% commission per booking.

The Blueshift Report
The Blueshift Report is based on interviews with property managers and industry analysts, and found that managers with at least 1,000 properties are migrating to the PPB model and are general satisfied with the results.

However, Blueshift also found that managers with a smaller number of vacation rentals believe that the PPB model is “too expensive” compared with the subscription plans “even when paying for higher page rankings.”

In fact, the owners and managers of 250 or fewer properties indicated the thought HomeAway was “turning away from smaller volume properties as it models itself after online travel agencies… ”

Other Options Available for the Smaller Brands
ResortsandLodges.com has been attempting to level the playing field for independent and boutique hotels, vacation rental managers, inns, B&B’s, and other unique properties.  How can you level the playing field for properties with marketing budgets that may be 1/100th the size of a Holiday Inn, Hilton, or Marriot?

  1. Placement in Search Results – Most smaller properties do not have the marketing budgets available to keep themselves within the top two or three pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results. com ranks high in these search engine results pages (SERPs) for 1000’s of keywords across the country, and puts your properties a single click from 1st Page search results.
  2. RALBook – Online Booking – com has created an all-in-one research and shopping platform for travelers. Similar to the HomeAway model, properties are able to list their property for free on ResortsandLodges.com, and can take online bookings for only a 5% commission.*
  3. Call Tracking – An important way to track your revenue is having a state-of-the-art call tracking system that monitors how your leads are nurtured and where your revenue streams are lacking. com has partnered with TrackPulse to offer an all-in-one call tracking system that is sure to increase your conversions and ROI.

To get your property listed on ResortsandLodges.com today, fill out the following form.

*Commission rate can vary depending on distribution provider.

To read more about the Blueshift Report and to read the full Skift article, click here.

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