As an advertiser on you have likely heard of our dynamically tracking phone code. This code is easy to install, does not interfere with your website’s functionality and it can help you capture the full effectiveness of your campaign! It is sent out by our client services team and they are more than happy to help you understand it over the phone or via email.

Your advertising on is equipped with a tracking phone number to track all the phone calls the advertising generates for your business. Along with this number, you will get the dynamic tracking code – these two pieces go hand and hand. Consumers that click through from your advertising to your website are very qualified leads and are likely to pick up the phone and call your business. Thus, we want to make sure all of these are tracked as well; this will ensure the accuracy of your advertising’s results. In layman’s terms: adding this simple code to your Web pages means the tracking number from your advertising will display in place of your regular business phone number. Without the code, many of the calls will not be tracked and therefore not credited back to your campaign.

What makes up the dynamic code?

The dynamic code is html code that you or your webmaster must add to your website’s code. The code is actually a cookie that is placed within a user’s browser only after a user has viewed your advertising and then clicked through to your website. What’s more, this cookie will actually stay within the user’s browser for a period of time. The cookie will enable the tracking phone number to “flip” even if the user leaves your site for anywhere else on the Web – to Google or, or ANY other place out there. Once they return to your site, the tracking phone number will still appear.

Where does the code go and why is this important?

There are two pieces of html that must be added to any page on your website that displays your phone number. It is important to put both pieces of the html on all pages of your website that display your phone number as you want the tracking phone number to show up on every page to not confuse your potential customers.

What does the code actually do?

The code essentially “flips” your business’s phone number – whenever a user clicks through from your ad, the tracking phone number (usually an 866 number) appears wherever your business number normally appears. Again, the code is a cookie that is placed within a user’s browser and “flips” the number whenever a user clicks through to your site from your advertising, and at any time after that. This way the phone number on your website will match your advertising, and capture all customer calls. See this video on phone call tracking that explains this concept very well.

Why do we have our advertisers implement the dynamic tracking code?

The dynamic code and your tracking phone number go together. The code will help us track ALL of the phone calls made from your campaign on any

Again, please check out our video on phone call tracking as it definitively explains how the tracking phone numbers and dynamic code function with your advertising.

If you have further questions or would like a copy of your dynamic code please contact your sales representative or account manager at 1.866.757.8229 or check out the VEM Global™ phone analytics web page.

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