Track Pulse

Revenue Optimization Software

Revenue Manager Dashboard

Utilize the Revenue Manager Dashboard to see at a glance how your property is performing for the day, week, month, and year. Spot problems before they start to incur cost or impact revenues. Identify service problems and increase guest satisfaction. Identify agent issues and improve performance and revenues.

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Agent Dashboard

Track leads, agent performance, route calls to the right person, measure agent calls, create multiple queues, and manage agent schedules and call plans. Improve customer service, improve agent satisfaction, and close more business for your property. Track Pulse can also be used over multiple locations and managed accordingly.

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Campaign Tracking

Track Pulse tracks and measures ROI across all of your campaigns, across all media (phone, email, direct mail, advertising, etc.). Learn which tactics are effective and maximize your marketing spend.

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CRM and Marketing Automation

With Track Pulse you get a fully featured CRM system with marketing automation. Manage and assign leads, customize forms, send out targeted emails, and other campaigns. Mine your CRM database to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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Other features include:

Dedicated Cloud
Track Pulse was designed from the ground up as a true cloud application. It is hosted through Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud service in the world. This gives Track Pulse & PM the reliability, scalability, speed, and security that you need to run your business in the cloud.
Call Tracking
Track Pulse can track and record all inbound and outband phone calls, allowing you to monitor and measure agent performance, improve training, improve customers service, and increase revenues.
Responsive Application
Because of its design and cloud capabilities, Track Pulse is fast and responsive no matter how many simultaneous users are in the application. It also automatically fits most devices, from mobile to tablets, laptops and desktops.
Powerful Reporting Engine
Track Pulse comes with numerous reports that can be pulled at anytime, including Agent Performance, Campaign Performance, ROI, Productivity, Call logs, and other reports. You also have the ability to create custom reports and share them with your agents and top management.
Email Marketing Tools
Within the CRM system and your Track Pulse software, numerous email marketing tools are at your disposal. Create email campaigns, email templates, quote templates, and more to cost effectively market your property. Automate and send confirmations, reminders, work orders, owner communications, contracts, directions, arrival instructions, and more with Track Pulse.

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