As the travel landscape continues to change, and the impact of digital marketing continues to grow, it’s important to understand the effects marketing channels have on your business. While revenue is where your eyes may want to look right away, these partnerships can do so much more than increase what’s in the bank.

When we speak to our customers, we spend a great deal of time breaking down how their partnership with affects the traffic to their website. While listing their property in our Marketplace, customers see:

  • Increased direct website visits
  • Increased organic search for their brand
  • Increased call volume

Our customers are able to see these effects because generates initial awareness (Top of the Sales Funnel) for your property to qualified travelers that have the intention of purchasing their next vacation.

From there, the traveler goes straight to your website for additional research, but likely doesn’t convert as the Buyer’s Journey isn’t that simple. A typical buyer’s journey looks like this:

  • 81-day purchase cycle
  • 20+ websites visited
  • 94% multi-device searches

But, with your property in mind, the traveler continues research, talks to their travel companions, and when they’re ready to book, searches your brand on a search engine, to convert on your website.

So, even though this traveler didn’t book right away while going through, they initially found your property and ended up booking direct in the end.

Many properties ask us, “so what are you delivering?” since they don’t see the direct booking. It’s this increase in website visits, organic search, and reservations calls that are the golden ticket.

Here’s a look at a customer that stopped running their campaign January 2017

*Numbers from 1/1/2016-3/31-2016

    • 5,268 loss in organic visits
    • 3,386 loss in direct visits


  • 8,654 total visits lost


To put this in perspective, at a 3% conversion rate that’s a decrease of 259 direct bookings.

Multiply those 259 bookings by your average booking (let’s say $500 in this case) and you’re looking at a $129,810 decrease in direct revenue from removing themselves from

As you can see, the traffic might not have come from for the booking, but one of the first touch points while searching for a vacation was through the Marketplace. This value may not be the easiest thing to see, but by looking at your analytics and understanding how the buyer’s journey works, you can understand how drives value as well as evaluate your other marketing channels.