has recently made tracking updates to ensure that properties are able to view accurate reporting in Google Analytics for traffic coming from the website.

UTM Tags

One of the most tangible changes has made on the tracking side of things is updating the utm tag on traffic going to property websites from The utm tag will be in the url as shown below.


When viewing this information in Google Analytics, you should see showing up in Acquisition>All Traffic>Referrals as well as Acquisition>All Traffic>Source/Medium (

If you are having difficulties finding this, or if is not showing up as a referral source, please make sure to contact our Support Team.

Simplified Reporting has made changes to its Google Analytics reporting to make the data collected easier to find.

  1. Initially we showed up as / listing on Google Analytics.
  2. Then we pushed out a change because we didn’t show up under referrals and it started to appear as / not set.
  3. This was resolved so we now show up as / referral.

All traffic coming from will now be in one place and viewable under referral to better your Google Analytics reporting.

A Shift to Secure has taken the steps to secure our SSL certificate, securing our domain and providing a safer environment for our travelers. In addition to providing a safe environment for travelers, Google is also singling out websites that are not secure, but are collecting sensitive information (Reservation Information, Credit Cards, etc).

This is a point of emphasis going forward for search engines, and if your site is currently not secure, you should be working towards an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of your customers’ data and to ensure a good standing with Google.