Case Studies

Increase Revenue Through Targeted Group Advertising

Learn how a top Poconos Wedding Inn was able to generate $4.4 Million in inbound leads.

Optimizing Keywords to Grow Your Audience

Learn how a Wisconsin Water Park Resort was able to generate $1.1 Million in inbound leads from just over 8,500 visitors.

Reaching New Travelers Through Keyword Optimization

Learn how a New York Water Park Resort was able to generate $359,000 in inbound leads from just over 4,500 visitors.

The Importance of an Attractive & Responsive Website

Learn how a Wisconsin Resort was able to generate an estimated $1.8M in inbound leads with a new website and Enterprise Digital Marketing Program.

Utilize Search Position to Maximize Revenue

Learn how a Hudson Valley Ranch Resort was able to generate $5.3 Million in inbound leads from over 18,700 visitors.

Tracking Reservations to Show ROI

Learn how a New York Inn was able to cut the cost per new traveler in just 60 days. 

Premium Listings Attract New Visitors

Learn how a Romantic New York Inn generated $1.1M in inbound leads.

Deals & Content Increase Occupancy and Revenue

Learn how a Pennsylvania Spa was able to increase the occupancy rate as well as revenue.

Reaching Niche Travelers Through Content Marketing

Learn how a Tennessee Luxury Cabin Rental Property was able to generate $659,000 in inbound leads.

Group Directories Increase Occupancy Rates

Learn how one Wisconsin Wedding Lodge was able to increase the occupancy rate.

Capitalizing on Small Niche Markets Delivers Results

Learn how one RV/Campground company was able to drive travelers from multiple states to their properties across the USA. 

Targeted Content Marketing Drives Website Visits

Learn how one Colorado Ranch generated $354K in inbound leads.

Advertising Across Distribution Channels Increases Occupancy

Learn how one Georgia Hotel was able to get in front of a new audience and increase occupancy rate.

Targeted Placement Drives New Travelers to Vacation Rentals

Learn how one Michigan Vacation Rental Management Company generated $62K in inbound leads.

Branded Content Attracts Groups and Delivers Results

Learn how one Maine Adventure Resort attracted more visitors per season with timely branded content.

Advertising Longevity Continues to Show Growth

Learn how one Texas Vacation Rental Management Company continues to see growth.

Group Travel Drives New Audiences

Learn how one Branson, Missouri Resort generated $190K in new leads with group listings.

Targeted Content Drives Group Travel

Learn how one Wisconsin Resort generated $381K in inbound leads.

Attractions Drive Family Travel

Learn how one Minnesota Family Resort generated $1.9M in inbound leads.

Multiple Amenities Lead to More Sales

Learn how one North Carolina Golf Resort generated $415K in inbound leads.

Group Accommodations Provide Great Destinations

Learn how one Florida Resort generated $939K in inbound leads.

Location and Amenities Attract A New Travel Audience

Learn how one Adirondack Mountain getaway generated $495K in inbound leads.

Highlighting Deals Leads to New Customer Relationships

Learn how one Vermont Lodge grew its customer base by highlighting deals and effectively advertising during their non-peak season.

Attracting New Customers in a Highly Competitive Market

Learn how one Muskoka Lodge utilized outdoor activities to attract travelers.

Multiple Accommodation Types Attract an Array of Audiences

Learn how one Florida VRMC generated $280K in inbound leads from travel groups of all sizes.

Physical Location Attracts New Group Travelers

Learn how one Virginia Resort utilizes its location to attract groups.

Destination Vacation Draws New Travel Audience

Learn how a Florida Resort uses its surroundings to attract a new travel audience.

Indoor and Outdoor Camping Attract New Travelers

Learn how a Florida Campground provides accommodations for all to attract new travelers. 

Amenities Attract New Group Travel

Learn how one Texas Resort generated $81K by showcasing their amenities.

Deals & Packages Drive New Business

Learn how one California Resort generated $81K in inbound leads by utilizing deals & packages.

Group Travel Increases Sales

Learn how one Michigan Lodge generated $165K in inbound leads with group travel.

Content Marketing Attracts New Travelers

Learn how one Colorado Inn generated $47K in inbound leads through content marketing.

Platinum Listing Increases Impressions

Learn how one Missouri Lodge generated $567K in inbound leads with a Platinum Listing and unique content marketing.

Increase Sales in Off Season

Learn how one New Hampshire Resort increased off-peak season business.

Landing Page Visits Rise with Content Marketing

Learn how one South Carolina resort generated $297K in inbound leads through content marketing and banner advertisements.