Using Traveler's Data for Smarter Marketing

Using key data in email marketing efforts to prospective guests prior to, during, and after their stay is a great way to increase direct bookings and garner repeat guests. By capturing prospect and guest data from inbound calls and emails, integrating that data into incoming and outgoing emails drives greater results and improves customer satisfaction. Plus you can improve brand awareness and start creating multiple touch points with the traveler.

Staff will also save countless hours each week by eliminating the need to send payment receipts, booking confirmation, pre-arrival information, and guest survey invitations using a targeted email automation approach.

When you can create personalized branded email campaigns with unique messages and tracking numbers, you’ll be able to measure conversions on key marketing initiatives and automate email marketing messages based on segmented criteria used to send personalized messages. Plus, you can measure, display and report your outbound marketing efforts easily.


Email Marketing Reporting Activities – Critical to Property and Agent Success

Critical benchmarks should be established based on:

  • How many emails were sent by the Agent
  • If the Agent called the lead, prospect, guest or past guest.

Emails and phone calls should be recorded to Contact Records automatically with a report that helps you focus on the data you care about most. You should also be able to easily share these key reports and metrics with others in CSV or Excel formats, or print to PDF. By measuring email and call results you can take immediate action based on when your leads and prospects respond.


Use TRACK Pulse with RAL Digital Marketing Services for Greater Results

When complementing TRACK Pulse with ResortsandLodges Digital Marketing Services, our team will create engaging email marketing content with automated follow up emails based on key data pulled directly from TRACK Pulse. Our team will help you manage your email marketing automation templates, design and create content for these templates, add 800 numbers and UTM tags, and analyze the results prior to and after execution.

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