Phonalytics is Now Offering a FREE 60-Day Trial of Call Tracking Technology

Fact: Billions of dollars are still being booked over the phone. With the plethora of online advertising opportunities, money is being spent without evaluating the results. As a premier partner of, Phonalytics is offering a FREE 60-day trial of its call tracking, call recording and speech analytics Internet-based technology to help your business evaluate results.

As a hotel or resort property you are probably running many online and offline marketing campaigns like Google CPC, online travel directories, billboard ads, magazines, radio or even TV. Are you tracking how all of your advertising investments are performing? Sure you are using “promo codes” or tracking links, but are you tracking which of these leads actually generates phone calls and in turn revenue? Phonalytics allows you to accurately track calls generated by your marketing efforts and then enables you to measure and analyze their performance. It gives you the power to accurately evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Phonalytics is offering a FREE 60-day trial of its call tracking, call recording, and speech analytics technology. It’s quick and easy to sign up and you can begin to understand which advertising campaigns work and which don’t. Click here to sign up for your FREE 60-day trial or call 1.866.967.3005 today!

See what the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas had to say about Phonalytics:

Phonalytics is an excellent addition to any online marketing campaign. By allowing marketers to tie offline bookings to online campaigns, Phonalytics helps paint a more comprehensive picture of campaign performance. The result is more accurate reporting that can be used to justify media spends. I have found this to be a valuable asset to our online marketing efforts.

—Lauren Walker, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

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