There was a time in our technological history when desktop personal computers were considered the standard, and laptops were typically only used for business trips.  The proliferation of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, gives users a “computer” with the same capabilities of the early PC’s right in the palm of their hand.

According to a recent eMarketer study, as more consumers adopt these mobile devices, mobile travel bookings are beginning to boom.  U.S. mobile travel sales, which include travel purchases on both tablets and smartphones, totaled $16.36 billion in 2013, and will increase another 59.8% this year to reach $26.14 billion.

Mobile Growth to Continue into the Future
On the strength of a 31.7% compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2018, mobile travel sales are expected to jump to $6469 billion by 2018.

eMarketer estimates that in 2014, U.S. mobile travel sales will account for 18% of all digital travel sales, which also includes bookings made on desktops and laptops.  By 2018, mobile’s share will increase to reach 37% of total digital travel sales.  All of the growth in digital travel is coming from mobiles, and sales via desktops and laptops will decline slightly year-over-year throughout the forecast period.

Travel Becoming a Bigger Piece of the Mobile Pie
eMarketer’s research also reinforced the belief that travel will be an ever growing segment of mobile sales. According to the study, mobile travel made up 28% of US B2C Mobile Commerce (MCommerce) sales, with retail MCommerce making up the remaining 72%. By 2018, the mobile travel share is expected to be at 32.8% with steady growth going forward.

To read the full eMarketer report, click here.

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