In today’s travel and hospitality industry, it is clear that brand loyalty is on the decline and consumers are looking for the best value, deals and the most choices.

This is where Niche marketing comes into play.

Consider the decision to buy a television from an online retailer. When you search for a Flat Screen TV, you can search for a certain brand (Samsung, Vizio, LG, etc.), and you likely will find these brand websites on Google, Yahoo and Bing!  However, consumers statistically will choose to click into sites such as Best Buy, Target and Amazon.

These sites allow shoppers to compare the televisions produced by multiple brands, making a comparison and ultimately choosing the product that fits all of their needs.  Some may choose to buy online during that initial user session, however, most will purchase at a later date and may come back through a different search, or even purchase at a local retail store.

Similarly, travelers who are looking to find a specific accomodation type in a certain location head to major search engines to help them find properties.  The search engine is not where they transact however, it is the means to finding a niche shopping site to research all of their options.

These niche shopping sites in travel include OTA (online travel agents ie. Expedia, Meta Search Sites (Kayak, TripAdvisor) and Niche Portals (ie., Bed& Although travelers who prefer consumer choice enjoy the option of searching for the perfect destination, they only spend five percent of their time typing in search queries.

Maximizing the 5%

If consumers are spending such a limited amount of time searching to shop, your property needs to be visible, and visible early on a search engine’s results page.   Most companies bid for premier placement on keyword searches, but on average, you will likely only be able to advertise on three out of every ten sites with front-page placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Like television shoppers, travelers want the ability to compare travel accommodations in specific areas.  Would you prefer to click-in to see a single Pocono Mountain resort, or head to or and compare multiple resorts, lodges, VRMC’s, Inns and B&B’s in the Poconos?  The choice between a niche and individual business usually weighs in favor of having more options.

Since most properties already dominate in hyper-local keywords (ie. St. Pete Beach Hotels) and of course their own brand search, the challenge of many marketing directors is in expanding their reach to target travelers further up the funnel, then influence them to come to their destination and furthermore, stay with their property.  That is the role of

Do a quick Google search for Arkansas Resorts or Wisconsin Lodges. uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword bidding to keep placement of Search Enginge Results Pages (SERP) high.  In addition to our region pages, you will find independent region directories or individual properties.

You will not be able to advertise on individual property websites, and regional sites can limit the range of comparison to certain territories. offers the opportunity to be one click from a detalied property profile, and at the top of many Google, Yahoo and Bing! SERPs.

This is only one of the ways brings 1,000’s of travelers direct to our partners each and every day.


Quick Tips and Takeaways:

1. On average, consumers will only spend five percent of their online shopping time typing queries into a search engine, putting a premium on high placement on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

2. Niche shopping sites allow travelers to compare similar properties in a given location, allowing  them to choose the property that fits all of their needs.  At, you are one click away from being linked directly back to your property website.

3. Because most major companies bid for premium placement on SERP, and on average you can only advertise on three out of ten sites with first-page placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing!, it is important to spend your advertising dollars wisely.  Essential things to consider are the right media, the right message and the right time.


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