Physical Updates - Blog

We’ve observed the way people plan and research for vacations, the booking process and much more about the travel and hospitality industries change over the past few years.  As new players continue to enter these fields, changes are certain to increase in frequency and magnitude.

While we focus on ways to optimize your digital conversions and the way you run your business, we don’t talk much about physical design changes you should be considering for your property.  However, we know upkeep and maintenance are important, and when you’re looking to drive new travelers to your property, meeting and exceeding their needs is necessary to retaining their business.

What They’re Looking For

With such a wide variety of people traveling, it is important to understand that travelers will have different needs and wants. As their expectations rise, you should plan to do what will make the most of your budget to positively impact the most guests. This can happen by examining industry trends, guest reviews about your property and looking forward to the future.

Look at technology for example. Travelers have the ability to research and book their trips on multiple devices thanks to technology and more advanced forms are working their way into businesses like yours. Everything from research and booking to keyless entry and new ways of checking in have enhanced by technology. This is all because the environment we live in is so connected and consumers believe that their vacations should be connected too.

How to Update Your Property

When it comes to making physical changes, your property doesn’t necessarily need to do a major overhaul. Year-to-year maintenance is already a line item at most properties, so it’s important to budget for that and while tackling projects that will align your property with the needs and wants of travelers.

Before you make any updates, keep in mind what drives people to your property in the first place. Do you have an action packed rafting package? Or maybe it’s the old-world charm that attracts travelers to your business. Whatever it is, make sure that still shines through even with the updates you make.