Do you know your website’s ‘grade’? Hubspot offers a free SEO service – Website Grader – which gives you an automated evaluation of your website and allows you to compare it to others, i.e. your competitors.

Why is understanding the performance of your website important? If you are familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you understand that optimizing your website to show up “organically” – at the top of a search engine – is like free advertising. Website Grader evaluates your website based on search engine algorithms, and it breaks down the results so you can decipher what pieces need improvement. (A good article on search engine algorithms can be found from this article.)

The results are broken down into these specific areas:

Create Content – includes Blog analysis, Google indexed pages and Readability level.

Optimize – includes Metadata, Heading summary, Images summary, Interior page analysis, Domain info, MOZ rank, Last Google crawl date and Inbound links.

Promote – bookmarks, Link Tweet summary, Twitter grade and Google Buzz count.

Convert – RSS Feed and Conversion Form.

Analyze – Traffic rank and a Score summary.

Put your website domain into the tool. The tool brings back results, broken down into these sections, giving you explanations of each piece and what gives each a higher “grade.”

In a world where research is being done on the internet and users are being drawn to the first few organic results, it pays to ensure your website is performing at its best. I would recommend visiting and get your own website’s grade to see where you can improve. Also, if you have further questions about SEO please see our VEM Global™ Search Engine Optimization page or call 866 757 8229 for more information.

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